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Ep. 10 | SPECIAL EPISODE! “Science Monday”

Justin and Aaron are having a crazy month, and were unable to find the time this week to record and edit a full Questionauts episode. In place of your regularly scheduled answer-a-thon, we present you with a one-off show: NPR's Science Monday with Ezra Blatho. Although no listener questions are answered in this recording, we thought it had the same tone and feel that you've come to appreciate from our podcast. Hope it'll satisfy until we get back on track! DIRECT DOWNLOAD: Questionauts Episode 10

Ep. 9 | Know What to Eat, You Don’t Have to Leat!

Guestionaut KIT PONGETTI (Scrubs) joins us for an action-packed episode. Justin sounds mad, but as they say, you can't sound a book by its cover sound, right? We unwittingly tackle a collection of questions fitting neatly into a "hand" theme, including:

  • Did Ben Franklin invent jazz hands?
  • Why are the parts of a clock called the "hands" and "face?"
  • Can you stop a heart attack by biting your finger?
  • And famous remarried TV personalities (and former Olympians) SHEILA AND MURRAY WORTHINGTON join Justin to answer a single-serving "ice cream" themed collection of questions including (and limited to):

  • Is it true that there's seaweed in ice cream?
  • DIRECT DOWNLOAD: Questionauts Episode 9

    Ep. 8 | Moving Walkwayisodes

    Justin reaches in his pants to discuss George Washington's sweet merchandizing deal and the Goddess Venus' need for clamshell pasties. Doug Mandel, BPA (Blog and Podcast Agent) drops by to explore some exciting opportunities for stepping up The Questionauts to the next level. All this, plus the guys give bullet-proof answers to a few questions:

  • What's with the ocular pyramid on the one dollar bill?
  • Is the dessert they eat in the movie "Amadeus," Capezzoli di Venere, a real thing, or made up for the movie?
  • DIRECT DOWNLOAD: Questionauts Episode 8

    Ep. 7 | Four White Men Have a Classy Conversation

    In what turned out to be our least politically-correct episode yet, Justin and Aaron take a trip "inside the beltway" with their wonkish Guestionauts, Philip Bump and Michael Elliot.

    We also stay fair and balanced by getting the conservative side of the story from SiriusXM's King of Talk: Chick Masters. The gang answers a slew of politically-themed questions from the mailbag, including:

  • Why did alcohol need a constitutional amendment to make it illegal, but other drugs are illegal without one?
  • Why haven't world leaders made more of an effort to plant crops on the moon? Where did the phrase "beating around the bush" come from?
  • With the Defense of Marriage Act not being federally prosecuted, does this mean Stephanie and Number Five can finally marry?
  • DIRECT DOWNLOAD: Questionauts Episode 7

    Ep. 6 | Hyphenate? Here!

    Actor/Writer/Comedian Matt Price (TNT's "Men of a Certain Age") joins the Questionauts and to tell "necessity" to take a hike: food is the mother of invention. Along with a performance from Aaron's recent one man show, the guys reveal a dirty little secret about Burlington Coat Factory. They also answer these listener-supported questions:

    • When did cereal become such a staple of the American breakfast?
    • What are some cool new origame paper folds?
    • What's the difference between "fancy" ketchup and the regular stuff?
    DIRECT DOWNLOAD: Questionauts Episode 6

    Ep. 2 | True Fact: Jimmy Carter is 4′ 8″

    In our second episode, the Questionauts are coming to you live from Cexcler Hall at good ol' University of Michigan, Urbana Campus (Go Fighting Derelicts!). We tackle a conspiracy theory, and ask some difficult questions of our own about the nation's over-reliance on vertical janitors.

    This week's listener questions:

    • Why does it (still?) read "In God We Trust" on our money?
    • What exactly are those strange "chem trails" people are reporting in the night sky? 
    • Where does the saying "Hair of the Dog" come from?
    • Did Abraham Lincoln have a growing disorder? Possibly gigantism?

    DIRECT DOWNLOAD: Questionauts, Episode 2