Who are the Questionauts?

AT THE COLD WAR’S DARKEST HOUR… fearing a Russian nuclear strike that could wipe out the world’s libraries and encyclopedia storage depots, the U.S. government launched an underground project with the purpose of preserving all human knowledge. Hundreds of fearless men toiled in bunkers, memorizing billions of facts in a vast array of disciplines, including – but not limited to – science, medicine, aesthetics, cooking, human dynamics, religion and pottery upkeep.

WITH THE FALL OF THE BERLIN WALL and the rise of Wikipedia, the Questionauts struggled to find relevance in the modern era. No longer sworn to secrecy, (and never totally clear on the need for secrecy in the first place) two of the last active Questionauts, Justin Heimberg and Aaron Hilliard, decided to share their wealth of knowledge with the general public. Their twice-monthly podcast will answer any question the audience throws at them, so…

Ask them a question!!!

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