Ep. 17 | (S02E02) The Grand Debate

Our Question coffers are running dry so SEND US SOME NEW ONES! Without a lot of listener queries and quandries to quell, we were quorced… sorry, Forced, to get creative… sorry, Qureative. What’s with my typing today, jeesh?

Justin and Aaron dug into the archives to feature questions without an easy answer, questions on which these two answerologists disagree. The resulting debates were emotionally draining and exhausting, but in the end, worthwhile and hopefully edifying to the listening audience. Hot Button Topics addressed include:

  • Why do some people have long pinky fingernails?
  • Microwaving food: How safe is it?
  • Did oil really come from dinosaurs?
  • The word “sinister” was once associated with left-handedness. Are lefties more sinister?
  • Send us some more questions, or we’ll have to debate again next episode.

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