Ep. 16 | (S02E01) I love LOST!

The Defenders of Answer Justice are back from a much-deserved hiatus with an episode that might very well knock your socks off, depending on the tensile strength of said socks. But extensive testing revealed that socks in the 83rd percentile and above were knockable using this episode, so look out, is all we’re saying. Wear shoes, go barefoot, but you’ve been warned if you decide to flaunt your sockful lifestyle while listening to the following questions being answered:

  • Is it true that your ears and nose never stop growing? And if so, why?!
  • Why do Americans have so much trouble pronouncing “Vincent Van Gogh,” and did losing his ear help the artist become a better painter?
  • What are the Questionauts’ New Years resolutions?
  • Did all the countries Brian Snyder travels to get together and decide to annoy him by using different power adapters?
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