Ep. 9 | Know What to Eat, You Don’t Have to Leat!

Guestionaut KIT PONGETTI (Scrubs) joins us for an action-packed episode. Justin sounds mad, but as they say, you can't sound a book by its cover sound, right? We unwittingly tackle a collection of questions fitting neatly into a "hand" theme, including:

  • Did Ben Franklin invent jazz hands?
  • Why are the parts of a clock called the "hands" and "face?"
  • Can you stop a heart attack by biting your finger?
  • And famous remarried TV personalities (and former Olympians) SHEILA AND MURRAY WORTHINGTON join Justin to answer a single-serving "ice cream" themed collection of questions including (and limited to):

  • Is it true that there's seaweed in ice cream?
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