Ep. 7 | Four White Men Have a Classy Conversation

In what turned out to be our least politically-correct episode yet, Justin and Aaron take a trip "inside the beltway" with their wonkish Guestionauts, Philip Bump and Michael Elliot.

We also stay fair and balanced by getting the conservative side of the story from SiriusXM's King of Talk: Chick Masters. The gang answers a slew of politically-themed questions from the mailbag, including:

  • Why did alcohol need a constitutional amendment to make it illegal, but other drugs are illegal without one?
  • Why haven't world leaders made more of an effort to plant crops on the moon? Where did the phrase "beating around the bush" come from?
  • With the Defense of Marriage Act not being federally prosecuted, does this mean Stephanie and Number Five can finally marry?
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