Ep. 20 | (S02E05) Dental Hygienists On Call

The Questionauts “make a roaring return” in “top form,” according to Nobody In Particular. In this much belated episode, Justin and Aaron tackle the questions nobody else is asking (except the brave souls who asked the questions of course):

  • Why are books made of paper?
  • In a root beer float, why does the ice cream make the root beer foam so much? And is there anything I can do to reduce the foam?
  • What are some rhyming words that you wouldn’t expect to rhyme?
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    Ep. 19 | (S02E04) Generally, This is Not an Advice Show…

    Justin and Aaron tackle ignorance in some of life’s biggest question-zones this week, including these spikes of the knowledge ball:

  • Why do some women experience morning sickness and others don’t? And also… What’s the best way to predict the sex of a baby?
  • Just how is it that rating TV shows happens?
  • Why do young doctors wear their stethoscopes around their necks instead of carrying them in their coat like older docs?
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    Ep. 18 | (S02E03) Kudos to Kudzu

    The Questionauts have been deluged by amazing questions this week! Thanks to all who submitted. Justin just moved, and STILL manages to access vast fonts of knowledge to help our listeners commandeer the factual landscape. Landscape points of interest this week include…

  • Do intelligent animals use a higher percentage of their brains?
  • How do I start a career in today’s job landscape?
  • Can you explain how the apocalypse is going to happen later this year?
  • How do I refinish my hardwood floors?
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    Ep. 17 | (S02E02) The Grand Debate

    Our Question coffers are running dry so SEND US SOME NEW ONES! Without a lot of listener queries and quandries to quell, we were quorced… sorry, Forced, to get creative… sorry, Qureative. What’s with my typing today, jeesh?

    Justin and Aaron dug into the archives to feature questions without an easy answer, questions on which these two answerologists disagree. The resulting debates were emotionally draining and exhausting, but in the end, worthwhile and hopefully edifying to the listening audience. Hot Button Topics addressed include:

  • Why do some people have long pinky fingernails?
  • Microwaving food: How safe is it?
  • Did oil really come from dinosaurs?
  • The word “sinister” was once associated with left-handedness. Are lefties more sinister?
  • Send us some more questions, or we’ll have to debate again next episode.

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    Ep. 16 | (S02E01) I love LOST!

    The Defenders of Answer Justice are back from a much-deserved hiatus with an episode that might very well knock your socks off, depending on the tensile strength of said socks. But extensive testing revealed that socks in the 83rd percentile and above were knockable using this episode, so look out, is all we’re saying. Wear shoes, go barefoot, but you’ve been warned if you decide to flaunt your sockful lifestyle while listening to the following questions being answered:

  • Is it true that your ears and nose never stop growing? And if so, why?!
  • Why do Americans have so much trouble pronouncing “Vincent Van Gogh,” and did losing his ear help the artist become a better painter?
  • What are the Questionauts’ New Years resolutions?
  • Did all the countries Brian Snyder travels to get together and decide to annoy him by using different power adapters?
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    EP. 15 | SPECIAL EPISODE: Chick Masters Out of Context

    A SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to the holidays and the general craziness of the next month, the Questionauts are going on a hiatus for a few weeks. We’ll try and get new episodes up in January.

    For now, though… Enjoy this bit of archived comedy from Justin and Aaron. A “Chick Masters” episode in which Dr. Neil defends his reputation after some troubling anti-semetic material leaks out onto the blogosphere, followed by Chick Masters’ own less defensible defense of his own troubling tape.

    Thanks to all of you for continuing to enjoy the podcast! Happy holidays to you, and we look forward to more fun in 2012!

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    Ep. 14 | A Hot Golem Gaga Moment

    Guestionaut Kit Pongetti joins Justin and Aaron for a fast-paced discussion covering topics as diverse as circus freaks and SARS masks. Questionwise, the gang tackles these head-scratchers:

  • What is the Dada art movement?
  • Why is it called “Oleomargarine?”
  • How can a bad boy get off Santa’s naughty list?
  • What’s the “inverse-square law,” as applied to photography, and how it relates to f-stops and such?
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    Ep. 13 | Breezy as S#%T!

    This week, Justin’s excitement over a free flight to England is tempered by a hypothetical anal ailment (analment?). The guys do valiant battle against the foes of enlightenment, answering the tough questions, like:

  • Where does the phrase, “Yes siree, Bob!” come from?
  • How did academic grading settle on the A,B,C,D,F scale?
  • My name is Miss Ramia, and I hope we are to be good friends. Hugs and Kisses!
  • How do they keep the ice frozen at a hockey rink?
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    Ep. 12 | Helicopters Get Girls Revved Up

    The Questionauts talk Presidential politics, discussing how necessary nipple coverage is to qualify as “President-worthy.” They tackle a slew of important questions, including the ones noted below following the bullet-points!

  • Bigfoot or Sasquatch: Which term do scientists prefer?
  • Advice: How can I talk to a girl without sounding stupid?
  • In Episode 11 we explained the origins of “piece of cake.” Is there a similar story behind “easy as pie?”
  • Grocery shopping is clunky and needs streamlining, will new technology make it easier in the future?
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    Ep. 11 | Back from our (unexpected) Autumn Hiatus

    After a tumultuous few weeks, Justin and Aaron have returned to the podcast airwaves with an episode critics are calling “their eleventh one yet!”

    Questions answered this week include:

  • Please explain this week’s crazy stock market meltdown?
  • What’s the best way to win money in Vegas?
  • What is the origin of the phrase “piece of cake?”
  • Why does everyone still use the outdated QWERTY keyboard layout?
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